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Find used engines for both the domestic and international markets

All around the United States, Motor Tiger provides high-quality, low-mileage used engines. With our large selection of manufacturers and models, you can get the precise used engine for your vehicle at the fairest price. We have used engines and motors for many vehicles, including cars, vans, and SUVs. We will go above and beyond to ensure that you can locate used engines that are compatible with the model of your vehicle.

What is a used car engine?

Used engines are typically low-mileage engines that come from damaged cars or vehicles with substantial system damage. Our professionals thoroughly test and inspect used engines before providing them to you. Although they are not new engines, we will deliver the same efficiency and performance, satisfying both your needs and your wallet.

The advantages of purchasing a used car engine
Choosing the best-used engines for sale allows you to run your car at a minimal cost with high performance.

How can you purchase a used engine from Motor Tiger?

Purchasing used engines from us is simple and hassle-free. We only require a few facts from you, and our experts will respond with a price and the ideal used engine for your car. We will immediately begin working on your order after you provide us with the required information:
  • Your vehicle's identification number (VIN).
  • Your business or home address to qualify for free shipping.
  • The number of miles you're searching for in a used engine.

  • After providing the information mentioned above, our team will contact you with free quotations for your purchase.
    Points to consider before purchasing a used engine
  • You can obtain a Borescope Inspection Camera to inspect the used engine you're buying.
  • Before acquiring a used engine, make sure to inspect the condition of the spark plugs.
  • Ensure that the vendor from whom you purchase used engines gives you all of the relevant information.
  • Before purchasing a new engine, inquire with the dealer if the engine has been subjected to an oil quality check.
  • Ensure that the compression test is performed on the utilized engine.
  • Check to see if the turbo has any problems.
  • Examine the engine's cooling passages and pressure.

  • How Motor Tiger assist you in finding a used engine for your car?
  • No matter what vehicle, model, or engine size you require, our team will work tirelessly to locate a used engine that is suitable for your vehicle. With over 1800 inventory yards throughout the United States, we offer a large selection of used engines to help you locate the best match for your car. We will make it easy for you to purchase the best-used engines and send them to you in a short period.
  • With us, you can locate low-mileage used engines for sale at affordable costs. This does not imply that we will sacrifice quality. All of our engines have been thoroughly tested and approved.
  • Many people do not have the time to pick up an engine personally. We will transport the engine to your address, whether it is residential or commercial, and in any area of the USA. You also don't have to be concerned about the item's condition because it will be inspected first and will come with a warranty.
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