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Auto Parts Ocean is the largest supplier of used engines and used transmissions across the United States. Our company offers unparalleled access to a huge inventory of quality used auto parts for most of the car and truck models at an affordable price.

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Offers High Quality Used Engines And Used Transmissions

Motor Tiger has been selling replacement engines, transmissions, differentials, and transfer cases of the highest caliber since 2021.

• Match or undercut any competitive price
• Sell the products we produce
• Numerous national manufacturing partners
• Five-star warranty staff
• There are 20 warehouse locations throughout the country.

Remanufactured Engines Quality, Price, and Excellence

Engines experience wear and tear from various factors, which could eventually lead to failure. An engine that is not properly maintained can and will fail, whereas one that is could travel hundreds of thousands of miles. Several options are available when an engine breaks down, including buying a crate engine or considering remanufactured engines from Chevy, Ford, Jeep, or GMC. The most cost-effective option is to use a reconditioned engine. Remanufactured refers to an engine that has been entirely disassembled and rebuilt from the ground up. An engine that has been rebuilt is not the same as one that has been remanufactured.

The meticulous procedure of remanufacturing, which is done in a factory, requires removing the engine entirely, cleaning every part, and resurfacing or replacing any damaged parts. Before performance testing, the cylinders are bored, and the pistons are altered. After that, everything is put back together using sophisticated computer hardware. At, we take great satisfaction in supplying private customers, car body shops, and maintenance facilities with the best possible parts. That also holds true for our rebuilt GMC, Ford, Jeep, and Chevy engines.

Remanufactured Engines Quality, Price, and Excellence

Buyers favor remanufactured components over alternative products for three main reasons. These include:

• Quality : You get the best product when you buy a remanufactured Chevy, Ford, Jeep, or GMC engine from Motor Tiger.
• Expertise : At, our knowledgeable staff will ensure that you have the correct information and engine for your car, regardless of whether you drive a Ford, Chevy, Jeep, GMC, or another sort of vehicle.

We are the leading supplier of engines, differentials, transmissions, and transfer cases nationwide.
We are the nation’s leading provider of used and remanufactured engines, transmissions, differentials, and cylinder heads. We provide you with industry-leading 2-year nationwide parts and labor warranty!

How Does Motor Tiger work?

The time it takes to browse our website is concise, and you can quickly find everything you’re looking for. Enter the essential data, such as the brand, car model, year, etc., to find the best prices and quality components.

We added a city search option to make searching for information much easier for our customers. It can be difficult for a customer to choose the US States where we provide our services that are closest to them. Enter your state, city, and zip code to find used car parts from junkyards in the area quickly.

Shipping across the nation

No matter where in the USA you order from, the auto parts will be delivered right to your door. Does it have room to improve? Order the used vehicle components you want within a day and have them delivered to the required place to save your valuable time.

Have any other queries? Contact us at numbers 
+1 (877)-473-7675 , +1 (888)-778-4437.

Need old vehicle parts that are incredibly strong but reasonably priced? You are at the right place. The best offers in the nation can be found here at Motor Tiger. The procedure is designed so our customers can quickly find the best auto components while lounging at home or the office. We promise that you can quickly locate what you’re looking for with only a few clicks, regardless of the kind of car you drive. Save time and money by immediately searching for and ordering various customized used auto parts at a meager price!


Most engines, transmissions, and transfer cases that are in stock are typically delivered two to three days after an order is placed.

Rebuilt engines are used engines that have been updated, while remanufactured engines have ALL brand-new internal parts in addition to all aftermarket and OEM updates.

To place an order, call Motor Tiger at +1 (877)-473-7675 or +1 (888)-778-4437 or use the online purchase form.

No, you do not; as long as it is in the continental United States, our goods may be put anywhere. Call us at +1 (877)-473-7675 or +1 (888)-778-4437; we can help you locate a skilled technician nearby.

Always check the fluid level with the engine running (apart from Honda products which should be in neutral with the emergency brake applied) and the transmission in “park” (except Dodge products which should be in neutral with the emergency brake used). The dipstick should be removed and wiped with a rag. Remove the stick after thoroughly inserting it. Check the same indication on both sides of the stick. Repetition is required.
Since the fluid dumps back into the pan area after passing through the transmission, this will agitate the fluid and is the reason to check both sides of the dipstick. Due to the varying level created by this, some liquid will “slosh” onto the stick and produce an inaccurate reading.

A transmission can leak in many different areas. The following are some of them: the pump, kick down seal, shift lever seal or seals, governor cover, rear output seal or axle seals, electrical connection or seals, speedometer, filler tube, servo cover or seals, throttle cable, side cover, pan, cooler lines, and differential cover.

It is based on how quickly fluid is lost. You can drive with a small or slow leak if you keep the level within the standard range. You must gauge the rate of loss and replenish as required. Clearly, you will only travel very far if the fluid is dripping in a stream. A transmission will often function “normally” until a quart, or more fluid has been lost. The device will then display unusual operating symptoms, indicating that internal harm is taking place. If overlooked, what was simply a leak at first might become a costly repair!

Which transmission model do you have, and how do you know it needs to be overhauled? You should first need to know. Occasionally, abnormal functioning is caused by something external to the transmission, such as a poorly running engine, a restricted exhaust system, a computer or sensor, a bad electrical ground, or another issue. Tragically, the functioning issue persists despite extensive repairs or unit replacements on multiple vehicles brought into my shop. In most cases, it turns out that the issue was never remedied since it was never in the transmission.

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