10 of the Most Fun Cars You Can Buy Under $5,000

10 of the most Fun Cars You Can Buy Under $5,000

With the increasing used car prices and fewer good options in the market, getting a genuine daily driver is a hard task. Although, what if you want something cheap, reliable, and fun to drive? Well, you would expect nothing in the $5,000 price range. Our list of 10 fun cars you could buy for less than $5,000 makes quite a lot of logic.

Here are Ten Fun Cars you can Buy under $5,000 in the USA:

1. Mazda MX-5 Miata

A little roadster sports car known for providing enjoyable, engaging driving dynamics is the Mazda MX-5 Miata. The MX-5 is a well-liked option among motoring fans thanks to its balanced handling, fast steering, and nimble handling. It is also reasonably priced, with many varieties being offered for less than $5,000.

2. Honda S2000

A two-seater roadster sports automobile, the Honda S2000 was built between 1999 and 2009. It is a delight to drive thanks to its balanced chassis and high-revving naturally aspirated engine. The S2000 is a favourite among motoring aficionados due to its accurate handling and quick steering. Used vehicles are frequently available for less than $5,000, making it a cost-effective choice for people seeking an enjoyable driving experience.

3. Mini Cooper S

The Mini Cooper S is a little, fast hatchback that is renowned for its quirky, distinctive appearance and fun-to-drive personality. It features nimble handling, a spirited turbocharged engine, and a chic, luxurious interior. The Mini Cooper S is a cheap option for individuals looking for a small, sporty car and offers a thrilling driving experience. Many examples can be acquired for about $5,000.

4. Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle is a little car with a quirky design and a joyful, carefree demeanour. The Beetle, which is renowned for its distinctive appearance and roomy, comfy cabin, provides a lively and interesting driving experience, particularly in its sportier turbocharged models. For those looking for a fun car on a budget, several older models may be found for less than $5,000.

5. Porsche Boxster

A mid-engined roadster sports vehicle with balanced handling, quick steering, and potent engines is the Porsche Boxster. It provides an exhilarating driving experience and a stylish, luxurious interior. Many older vehicles can be purchased for less than $5,000, making it an economical alternative for individuals looking for a fun, high-performance sports car, even though newer models can be pricey.

6. BMW Z3

A two-seater roadster sports automobile, the BMW Z3 was built from 1995 to 2002. With a quick chassis, agile handling, and a smooth, powerful engine, it provides a well-rounded driving experience. The Z3 also has a well-appointed interior and fashionable, sporty design. It is a cheap option for individuals looking for a fun and fashionable sports car because used examples are frequently available for less than $5,000.

7. Audi TT

The Audi TT is a small, two-door sports car renowned for its sporty, athletic appearance, potent motors, and composed handling. With several variants sporting top-of-the-line technology and features, it provides a pleasurable driving experience and a tastefully furnished interior. For those looking for a sleek, enjoyable sports car on a budget, many older models may be acquired for under $5,000, despite the fact that newer models can be pricey.

8. Chevrolet Camaro

A muscle car with a reputation for offering unbridled power and thrilling driving dynamics is the Chevrolet Camaro. The Camaro provides a pleasant driving experience and a bold, aggressive styling. It is renowned for its potent engines and quick handling. For those looking for a high-performance muscle car on a tight budget, several vintage versions may be found for less than $5,000.

9. Ford Mustang

An iconic American muscle car, the Ford Mustang is renowned for its potent engines, responsive handling, and striking appearance. It provides an enjoyable driving experience and a variety of variants, including fastback and convertible options. Many older models can be purchased for less than $5,000, making it a cost-effective choice for anyone looking for a vintage American muscle car.

10. Dodge Challenger

An iconic American muscle vehicle, the Dodge Challenger is renowned for its striking appearance, potent engines, and high-performance handling. It offers a variety of vehicles, including potent V8-powered variants, and a thrilling and enjoyable driving experience. Many older models can be purchased for less than $5,000, making it a cost-effective choice for anyone looking for a vintage American muscle car.

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• 1993-2004 Ford Mustang SN95 ($3,000)

Many would anticipate the Ford Mustang lineup to be costly to own and maintain due to the mighty powertrain. However, the SN95 Mustang, introduced in 1993, is a perfect option if you are budget mannered. This is also considered one of the least multiplex and most dependable generations of Mustangs ever to hit the market.

The fourth generation Mustang could be around $3,000 for a car with less than 160,000 miles, which is exceptionally great considering the prices of Camrys and Corollas on the used market. All the engine choices are perfect, with the V6 being the most fuel-efficient. You might also get fewer mileage examples due to many college students glancing at more fuel-efficient cars.

So, An accessible, vintage American muscle car, the 1993–2004 Ford Mustang SN95 is frequently available for under $3,000. This generation of the Mustang is exciting to drive thanks to its bold appearance, potent engines, and high-performance driving qualities. The SN95 Mustang is a well-liked option among automobile aficionados on a budget because to its price and vintage muscle car appearance.

• 2003-2008 Toyota Matrix ($3,000)

The first-generation Toyota Matrix may be different from someone’s taste who wants a jalopy car. The low price and Toyota emblem implied daily driving and nothing more than that. However, the Toyota Matrix, with its roadster-like characteristics and spirited 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, is one of the best-driving hatchbacks of its day.

Similar to the engine, the automatic transmission that Aisin bought is unbreakable. The automobile feels less daring because it has excellent interior and safety features. The style has held up well over time. This is one of the few used automobiles with pricing hovering around $3,000, where you would only encounter significant problems before crossing the 200,000-mile threshold.

So, The Toyota Matrix, a small waggon available from 2003 to 2008, combines cost, dependability, and usefulness. It has a roomy cabin, a smooth ride, and a solid reputation for dependability. It is a cost-effective option for people looking for a useful and dependable vehicle because many old vehicles can be found for under $3,000. The Toyota Matrix is a fantastic choice for car shoppers on a tight budget because to its adaptability, cheap cost of ownership, and low purchase price.

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• 1999-2004 Nissan Xterra ($3,500)

The single SUV in the lineup that you should always pay attention to is the Nissan Xterra from the first generation. The Xterra offers incredible adaptability, and there is more than enough room inside, even if you want to go wayfaring. This SUV can easily overcome challenging off-road terrain with its torquey engines and 4-wheel drive powertrain. The muscleman design, numerous clean models still operating, and the low price label all contribute to the pleading.

Power steering leaks, valve cover gasket leaks, damaged manifolds, and rust are a few of the frequent problems. The inline-4 and V6 engines are both reliable, though. The four-speed automatic is renowned for its longevity as well. For just $3,500, you could get a second example that will be easier to maintain and fix.

So, The Nissan Xterra is a small SUV that was manufactured and marketed by the Japanese carmaker Nissan from 1999 to 2004. It had a roomy interior and a high ground clearance for navigating tough terrain and was made for outdoor and off-road enthusiasts. The Xterra was renowned for its toughness and dependability, and a choice of engines and trim levels were available to meet different needs and price points.

• Lexus GS300 ($3,500)

For a car enthusiast on a tight budget, the Lexus GS300 is an excellent option because it is primarily dependable and stunning to drive. The automatic gearbox from Aisin is paired with the 2JZ engine under the hood, and the transformer is renowned for lasting for long kilometers with little to no trouble. Additionally, the performance is amazing.
This ride’s other selling elements include the well-organized suspension, roomy cabin, and adequate technology and features. If you search more rigidly, you may get your hands on a higher mileage GS300 for as little as $3,500. If the vehicle is regularly serviced, the top-notch credibility allows you to handle higher mileage autos.

So, The luxurious mid-size Lexus GS is built by the Japanese carmaker Lexus. The 3.0 litre V6 engine that drove the GS300 model when it was first released in the 1990s. The GS300 was renowned for its luxurious interior, comfortable ride, and premium materials. Additionally, it was well-equipped with a variety of cutting-edge technologies and features, including as a top-of-the-line music system, navigation, and improved safety systems. For those looking for a luxury vehicle with a well-balanced mix of performance, comfort, and technology, the GS300 was seen as a wise choice.

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• Mazda Miata ($5,000)

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is one of the top picks for any driving admirer. With earlier model-year Miatas going for ridiculous prices, it is something few would await to find in this price range. Although you could spot a few options here and there, making it one of the best consignment purchases.

You would get a high mileage NA peer group of the Miata for under $5,000, which is a great deal. Although, we highly recommend the NB group of monikers, as the engine is much more refined. The perfect mechanicals means you need to spend less time in the garages.

So, A small, two-seater roadster sports car, the Mazda MX-5 Miata is made by the Japanese carmaker Mazda. Since its initial release in 1989, it has grown to be among the most well-liked sports cars worldwide. The Miata is renowned for its lightweight construction, rapid acceleration, and agile handling. It is also a popular option for budget-conscious vehicle fans due to its affordability when compared to other sports cars. The Miata has undergone various upgrades and enhancements throughout the course of its production, including revised styling, improved engines, and new technological features, but it has stayed loyal to its initial goal of providing a cheap, enjoyable sports car experience.

• Lexus LS400 ($5,000)

The Lexus LS400 is regarded as one of the most authentic luxury vehicles. It is an excellent option for a powerful V8 engine with rear-wheel drive. Given that it is more than three decades old, the LS400 is relatively affordable for a used automobile.

The luxury on the inside, coupled with atypical interior space, means traveling is very comfortable. Most of the parts are still Accessible, and the prices aren’t ludicrously high like that of the similarly priced Mercedes and BMWs of the time. A few staging enhancements make the LS400 a fast four-door sedan, even by the 2022 standards.

So, The Japanese carmaker Lexus manufactures the Lexus LS, a full-size premium vehicle. The LS400, which debuted in 1989, was the first model in the LS range. It featured a roomy interior, a smooth, pleasant ride, and a 4.0-liter V8 engine to power it. The LS400 established Lexus as a significant player in the luxury automobile industry and was regarded as a leader in its class thanks to its high levels of refinement, performance, and luxury amenities. The LS400 saw various upgrades and enhancements throughout its production, including updated looks, improved engines, and new technological features, but it remained a flagship model for Lexus and a preferred option for buyers of luxury automobiles.

• 2007-2013 Mazda Speed 3 ($5,000)

When it launched in 2007, the Mazda Speed 3 was a hot hatch that could coat a broad smile on anyone’s face. With a turbocharged inline-4 engine that brings about 263 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque, the Mazda Speed 3 could do the 0-60 MPH run in 5.8 seconds. Fifteen years later, it is still a fast hatchback that organizes to impress as it did before.

The 6-speed manual is the right choice, and the multilink suspension makes it a skilled handler. Being a Mazda, the credibility is excellent as well. Some of the Mutual issues include VVT controller problems, turbo seals crumbling, bad engine mounts, and perforated injectors. But all of these are relatively inexpensive to fix. The $5,000 price makes it an abnormal bargain too.

So, The high-performance little hatchback known as the Mazda Speed 3 is built by Mazda in Japan. It was based on the Mazda3 compact automobile and built from 2007 to 2013. The Speed 3 had a turbocharged engine, high-performance brakes, and a sporty interior. It also had a sport-tuned suspension. It was praised for its performance-practicality balance and was regarded as a good performer with rapid acceleration and sensitive handling. The Speed 3 was well-liked by car enthusiasts and was renowned for its brash appearance, high-performance features, and overall affordability.

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The following vehicles are listed as the most entertaining vehicles under $5,000:

  • The Mazda MX-5 Miata is a two-seater, compact roadster sports car that is praised for its responsive steering, rapid acceleration, and agile feel.
  • Honda produces the two-seater roadster sports automobile known as the S2000. It is noted for its snappy handling, high-performance capabilities, and enjoyable driving experience and is driven by a high-revving VTEC engine.
  • Volkswagen GTI: This is a small-sized sports hatchback that the company made. It’s renowned for its vivacious turbocharged engine, agile handling, and functional cabin.
  • The BMW Mini Cooper is a small, distinctive hatchback. It is renowned for its engaging driving experience, nimble handling, and whimsical appearance.

These are all excellent options for auto aficionados searching for a fun, useful vehicle for less than $5,000, and each one provides a special blend of performance, style, and driving experience.


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